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Asphalt Road — Evans Paving in DE

Asphalt Paving

From small driveways to large commercial parking lots, our expert professionals ensure quality and precise paving that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also long-lasting. We aim to surpass your expectations with clean worksites, state-of-the-art equipment and client-focused service that focuses strictly on YOUR needs.

Say goodbye to sloppy driveways! With careful attention to detail, an abundance of paving knowledge, affordable pricing and several years of experience, there’s no one better to trust than Evan’s Paving for your next paving project.

Have you been putting off that paving job for too long? No worries.


Sealcoating is a perfect way to keep your driveway or parking lot in good condition without having to break the bank. With routine application every few years, this method prevents water from seeping under the surface and cracking the asphalt.

How Do We Do It?

With industry-leading materials, our applications ensure a high-quality and long-lasting seal. Remember, you don’t always need new paving. A sealcoat can turn a cracked parking lot into a smooth surface for ONLY a fraction of the price.

If your driveway is needs a little extra attention, don’t hesitate — we can help!

Tar & Chip Paving

As a durable and cost-effective form of pavement, tar & chip sealant is the combination of liquid hot asphalt and 3/8” chip rock. Aesthetically, it looks like gravel, however, the loose rocks on top and tar combine to form one solid pavement for ultimate strength and a long-lasting shine.

Tar & Chip Key Features

  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Snow plow- & shovel-resistant
  • Cost 30-40% LESS than black top
  • Can be applied to dirt OR black top surfaces
  • Lasts 18-25 years (10-15 without maintenance)
  • Used and trusted by most state, county & city roads

Did You Know?

Tar & Chip was the original method paving companies used for roads, driveways, streets & parking lots.
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